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Are Salespeople More Gritty Than Non-Salespeople? via @ASGRecruiting
SLAMMED!!, 1st time sales managers, 57 chapters of stuff you need to know, read chap 24,@kenthoreson, #sales,
RG @desiree2dupuis (It takes more than ambition and hope - it takes on-going effort and self-growth)…
Sales Training on "Selling with Style" #latergram #bdlife @ Builddirect
@Durgamaa very cool. Great resonance and intent behind that program :)
@Durgamaa I lived breathed and ate social and now spending more time offline, meditating, walking, praying, training.
@Durgamaa I'm over-tweeted, shared and faceborked :)
"Are the Trustworthy too Trusting?" by @EricEdmeades on @LinkedIn
RT @maddynorton: Stoked to be part of a team that doesn't even flinch under pressure. Great work today y'all. #bdlife
@Durgamaa how are things? Any new projects?
@Durgamaa the coffee is really good BTW :)
@Durgamaa let your imagination go wild!
Good morning! :) #vancouver @ Rocket Shop
Breakfast break :) #bdlife @ Rocket Shop
"Know Thyself: How Mindfulness Can Improve Self-Knowledge" by @raybwilliams on @LinkedIn
The Social Market Update is out! Stories via @TopSmallCapNews @HeislerPR
How You Can Break the "Groundhog Day" Pattern for Good via @jeffshore
Around the World in 80 Minutes: No Passport Required via @ReferralSales
Why You Need More Stress - by Geri Seiberling via @RobertTerson
Shane Gibson's Guerrilla Marketing Daily is out!

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