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What is it that Candy Corn is actually supposed to taste like? #confused
If you've ever wondered why you can never have a productive online, like explain the Civil War, there's a reason...
Although you wouldn't think this... #metoo
The Frontier gets a facelift:
Oh the places we have known!
Park Service workers have recently came out about a problem within their ranks:
WOW! Check out how one community is supporting vocational training #vocationaltrainingnow
RT @neiltyson: Let’s Make America Smart Again.
Because it's not just the Civil War and the Holocaust that people are trying to cover up:
From Australia a story of a wife, a sandwich, and the internet war that erupted over it:
For those that don't know, the Civil War was about Slavery and you can't support a Confederacy and still be...
This week has taught me something very valuable: You can't fix stupid.
This seems like a good time to remind you:
Currently watching:
Yesterday, I told you how North home state... was definitely down with slavery in the Confederacy....
Pre-show hijinx
RT @BadHombreNPS: Really, @twitter? You suspended @rosemcgowan but you're still letting that orange meat puppet in a cheap suit @realDonald…
Oh Canada: #feminism
Here's a "solid" method for combatting sexual harassment:
So, if you have ever wondered how did Facebook know ... you're not alone:

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