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Kicking off Etsy Supplies Showcase @ midnite. Been stocking all day. Lotsa new stuff. Go see!!
1950's Indian Souvenir Moccasins for your baby. Get 'em on Etsy today!
Set up Etsy Supplies Showcase for April 26. Check it out ths Sunday!
here are the sweetest vintage dog or cat collars this link works!
Etsy listing vintage leather studded dog collars for your teacup or toy
you should follow @sew_vintage. See more picks at
Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
Etsy listings. Exotic nuts! Pack for shows. Paint, finish, walk the dog.
Cleaning out the 1970's trophy room. Parts for sale @ Cheerleaders, majorettes, goddesses. Go see!!
50 Antique buttons listed on Etsy. Go see destashspecialties! Working on Brimfield inventory. Paint, sew, glue, pack, frame, walk the dog.
Case patient at Community College Dental Clinic today. 3hr. appt. Arrgggh!!
First day working from home. Gave up my "real" job to work and promote my home business. Snip, snip, paint,glue,sew,sew, snip,glue,paint.
i sell in brimfield at all 3 shows, booth c-9 in the j&j field, come celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brimfield shows! this is where i sell on ebay. cloudy today, where is spring? just got home from a walk with I'm new to twitter!!

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