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When Serious Eaters travel, we do it all for the food:
Check out @chefsymon's grilled pork and escarole sandwiches! Share your favorite BBQ creations with #123BBQ #partner
What's barbecue hash and burgoo? Dig into barbecue's lesser-known side dishes
.@TheFoodLab went to Shanghai just to try these soup dumplings
Want to preserve the best of summer fruit? Here are the tools and techniques you need to know
We are gathered here today to witness the union of Reuben Sandwich and Smashed Burger...
When's the last time you had a Pop-Tart? How about the last time you had EVERY FLAVOR
Like Indian cooking? Curious about working with spices? We're here for you
True steakhouse flavor. From your grill. On a stick. Any questions?
Road trip-worthy barbecue & more must-try bites in Kansas City:
@Table41Cookbook @LobsterDonut Our take:
RT @LobsterDonut: @seriouseats Another good question: How many toppings are too many toppings?
We're all about burger toppings this week. What's on your ultimate homemade burger?
We're looking for fall editorial interns! Application right this way:
Who would've guessed that the classic caprese could be improved by fresh nectarines? And yet...
What happens when Mexico's greatest sandwich meets a hamburger? Oh boy, you need to see this...
Curious about that @LoxPopuli rye bread that @pete_wells is all excited about ( Our profile:
Eating on the cheap in San Diego? 10 great dishes under $10:
Are heirloom tomatoes always better--and worth the higher price? We investigate
Congrats! Your bundle of joy has arrived, and it's a SALMON!

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