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Seafood lovers, unite! 16 great squid and octopus dishes in NYC:
In which we eat EVERY doughnut at California's @SidecarDoughnts. And yes, that's bacon you see
Chicken breast and meaty shiitakes make for a flavor-packed broth in this wonton noodle soup
We fall hard for the killer new fresh ramen kits from Sun Noodle @RamenLab
Tender marinated beef is braised under layers of tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and chilies in this hearty Yucatan dish
Cooking Mexican food? The best beer pairings for your favorite dishes:
The polite way to eat mussels, oysters, and other potentially messy shellfish? Our etiquette columnist lays it out
Your closest friends + @MrsTsPierogies = The best #SundayFunday. Enter to win a free #SundayFunday kit here:
In this Taiwanese classic, tender chicken is braised with garlic and ginger in a sweet and savory sauce
What are you reading? Imploding cake, powdered alcohol, and more links we're loving
Why restaurants should keep bread baskets around (and what it looks like when it's done right)
Fantastic fried chicken and free karaoke? At Seattle's Stars in the Sky, a match made in heaven:
Seafood stew gets an Indian twist in this clam-based take:
Your ultimate San Francisco date night guide: where to eat for every occasion
Not sold on mezcal? 5 cocktails to make you a believer:
Chinese noodles 101: how to make quick, easy, flavor-packed lo mein
Earthy, meaty mushrooms, tender shrimp, and silky strands of spinach are the stars of this easy one-pot pasta dish
Learn how to make sikil p'aak, the classic Mexican dip of pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, chilies, herbs, & onion!
The environmental impact of cow burps, Walmart goes organic, and more news in food policy this week
This warm roast beef sandwich, blanketed in a sharp cheddar cheese sauce, gets extra oomph from horseradish

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