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Check out SEOzio 2.0 still testing so if you spot any bugs give us feedback. #SEO
We fixed how SEOzio was scoring Recently Indexed Content. Pulling # of pages inxed in Google in the past month.
Hiring a new developer to help us make improvements!
Are you Pinterested in creating a better SEO campaign?
Heck, you use Facebook to promote your business, but make sure it counts. Try to avoid these 10 things -
We are super excited to bring you the new and improved Eyeflow site! Drumroll please...
Practice Gene Simmons approach to customer service and blow a KISS to social media! Keep It Simple Stupid
What does the Great Google Convergence mean for Social Media, Search, and the SEO industry?
It has happened! Search and Social are merged. Google+ circles, posts, and photos are now intergrated into search.
Are you doing business online? Why aren't you taking advantage of Youtube? Here's how:
Draw more interaction from Facebook. How?...Say Cheese!
A business card that matches your Facebook Page?
Customer reviews often go overlooked in the SEO world. Here is a look at some ways to attract more of them:
It's more important than ever to make sure your webpage is fast. Here's some ways to do it:
Local Marketing is changing how businesses are found online. Here's some predictions as to where it's headed this year.
Find the strength and weaknesses of you site in a heartbeat with Let us know what you think.
We fixed the PageRank bug!!!
Looks like Google changed the way you call for PageRank - we are working on fixing this ASAP!
If you would add something to what would it be?
Google PageRank Update Today check your site now:

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