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Hung over drivers may still be susceptible to DUI charges. Learn more:
Find out what our past clients are saying about their experiences with our firm:
One problem that many drivers face in regards to DUI law is figuring out their drinking limit. Read more here:
It's important to seek legal counsel if you've submitted to a blood test during a DUI arrest. Read more here:
You shouldn't always believe everything you hear about sobering up. Read here about the myths of sobering up: #sober
The consequences of a DUI is more than just a fine and probation. Read about the additional consequences here: #DUI
In Washington the 0.08% BAC per se laws are recognized. Do you know what this entails? Learn about it here:
With combined experience of over 75 years, our lawyers are highly experienced. Learn more about our #DUI lawyers:
Did you know that submitting to a portable breath test is voluntary? Know your rights! #knowyourrights
Did you know you can receive a DUI in a parked car? Find out the causes here:
Learn more about cases we've worked with in the past and find out what our satisfied clients are saying:
Estimate your BAC after a certain number of drinks to better plan how you can stay under the legal limit:
Wondering if you can go to Law School while having a prior DUI conviction? Find out our answer here: #DUI #LawSchool
What happens to scholarships when you are convicted of a DUI? Find out:
Interested in learning what past clients have said about their experience with our law firm? Find out here:
There is often extra DUI enforcement during the holiday season -
There are many remedies to "sober-up" after a night of drinking, however, many aren't effective in lowering your BAC:
Did you know that for every 100,000 alcohol-related accidents, 3.1 of them will result in fatalities? Learn more:
Former NLF player Bernie Kosar arrested for DUI. Read more:
There are many myths about ways to sober up after drinking, but a majority of these are ineffective. Learn more -

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