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@Djari328 @oliviadgrace love the shirt Olivia! I just bumped into her! Great seeing again Djarii :)
RT @froginthevalley: Looking for suggestions of publications/writers to contact for announcing a new API. Any #DevRel friends with advice?…
@JrFoucs @JWayow :D
RT @monikabielskyte: As #GhostInTheShell'17 is out I can finally properly share some of the early world design research.. Thread: https://t…
@JT_YosH @heatheranne bonkers isn't it?
@hospitalvespers but .. but .. the karma! the sweet sweet karma!
@GGBeyond love what you do. would love to talk about it!
@sharpless512 @heatheranne @IGDBcom yeah! Great to meet you
@gregisenberg yep. We're there.
@coL_Beef hey man. Such a good talk in Vegas at eye candy btw :). Really enjoyed it.
@Voyboy @TSchrodt @Mitus @snoopeh send pix
@theBEARHANDS take pics of power lines next.
@Mitus @MLG @theBEARHANDS @SeanGailey don't think so but may reconsider. Sean?
@GeekVersusNerd It's not weird, it's the best! :D
@Biz_Esports email address where I can reach you? DM?
@Biz_Esports @RepableCo @Northern_GG amazing. Looking forward to talking about it in FEB!
@suziedingwall @RepableCo thanks Suzie. You're the best!
@Mitus @theBEARHANDS @SeanGailey still smile about the evening we hung at Blizzcon at quiet hotel. What a perfect night! :)
@HausWaffles best backpack ever

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