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We have swapped our pages. Please visit our current Twitter profile @freshism.
Currently at Museo Casa del Conte Verde in Torino: Group gallery show featuring Ken Keirns, Ron English, and more…
Pre-orders are now open for Batsauce's "Starcrossed" LP via @Galapagos4. Get in early and get free goodies!
In case you haven't noticed the zillion posts, our new fb page is here: Join us for the evolution!
If you haven't signed up for our new Facebook page, join us here - The old page will be gone when the new site is done!
RT @scumbagnation: Marka27 will be doing a signing in Mexico City tomorrow, 14 July. If you're lucky enough to be in one of our... http: ...
Don't sleep: Join us on our new fb page...Early adopters get special deals & hookups when the new site opens!
Check out our new mailer: "Fresh! Join us on our new page and get the hook-up..." #new #goodness
RT @revisecmw: Solo show coming up at Aisle 1 gallery in St. Louis...spread the word! This Friday!
RT @scumbagnation: New blog post at Jets Like Taxis: "Border Run: Border Towns and a Trip to Slubice, Poland..." #t ...
RT @scumbagnation: Good day, folks! Join us at our *new* Facebook page. When the new site is done, the old Formula page will be gone! ht ...
Classic joint in my head while I work. Hieroglyphics - "You Never Knew" via @youtube @HieroImperium
More delicious #beer from our local Bierladen. Rothaus Pils, Andechs (two), Grimbergen, & Chimay. @revisecmw @Tooch4321
RT @scumbagnation: Friday reminder: New site soon come! Sign up for updates at & join us at ...
RT @JetsLikeTaxis: Dmnology, Europe Tour 2012.
Saturday at OhNo!Doom in Chicago: “Septenary” group show opening @ohnodoom @joeypottsart
RT @GustavMandible: Enjoy the old mix as I make preparations for some new goods. #SoundCloud:
@LotusArtichoke thanks! stupid underscore. gotta fight to get the real one. will handle that soon, and then swap it with @scumbagnation
RT @scumbagnation: RT @freshism_ Get updates about the launch & special deals for early subscribers at The evo ...
Get updates about the launch and special deals for early subscribers at The evolution continues... #new #scumbagnation

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