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RT @prototypejs: We just officially released Prototype 1.7.1. No, seriously.
RT @thomasfuchs: Never look pixelated again with my new Retinafy ebook
Thank you, Steve. Your work was the inspiration for scriptaculous.
RT @thomasfuchs: No CANVAS was harmed in — it's all SVG thanks to @raphaeljs and hw accel thanks to http:// ...
RT @thomasfuchs: The DOM Monster is now open source! Install it to instantly know about problems with your DOM and how to fix them! http ... v1.9.0 is out now (includes Prototype 1.7)!
RT @thomasfuchs: Scripty2 awesomeness from @andrewdupont on JSConf Live, with hosts @voodootikigod and @reybango! ...
RT @thomasfuchs: JavaScript Performance Rocks! is 50% off, but only for a short time! Grab your copy NOW! ...
RT @prototypejs: Prototype 1.7 is out!
If you want to contribute documentation in the future, see the instructions at
RT @thomasfuchs: Thanks to @github (great work, Tom and Eston!!), the docs are now available at http://madrobby.github.c ...
RT @changelogshow: Episode 0.3.9 - Scripty2, Zepto.js, Vapor.js, and more with Thomas Fuchs
RT @promotejs: Yet another way to #promotejs. Up vote on (via @cramforce)
RT @thomasfuchs: Say hello to Scripty2 Beta 1 at with hardware acceleration!
RT @thomasfuchs: This Flash Is Dead! ;)
RT @yauhui: With teasers of the newer Scripty2 + CSS3, I am excited to get my @Scriptaculous codes upgraded... Hardware-accelerated effe ...
[scripty2] Thomas Fuchs - 1 commits
RT @thomasfuchs: Announcing HTML5 Mobile Pro, a half-day online workshop by @amyhoy and me on making amazing mobile apps & sites. http:/ ...
[scriptaculous] Thomas Fuchs - Merge branch 'master' of
[scriptaculous] Thomas Fuchs - bump license

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The first JavaScript UI library! Now working on two-point-oh.

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