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The right answer to legislated discrimination.
Great story for data science and ML! Machine learning analytics get a boost from GPU Data Frame project | InfoWorld
Really pleased about our recent deal with IBM! @ContinuumIO @teoliphant Very happy for my colleague, Travis Oliphant! @teoliphant
Excited about Continuum/Anaconda's outsized footprint in the data science space!
Comments on data science ecosystem as portrayed by Gartner and as understood by community.
RT @ContinuumIO: “I’m happy to steal SAS’s lunch money all day long.” @scollison on being appointed our new CEO: @d…
RT @ContinuumIO: Join @teoliphant at the @galvanize #NYC office Tues 2/21 for '#Anaconda Everywhere as the OS of #DataScience'…
@teoliphant Travis is crushing his keynote! #AnacondaCON
@pwang Great keynote at #AnacondaCON!
If you're a data scientist or a Python dev this is a must attend show!
Psyched to be with my new colleagues!
Very happy to announce I am now CEO of Continuum Analytics!
@MLBONFOX Stop blabbing and call the game! Seems that H-1B is not as balanced as it could be.
This article sums things up pretty well. In city famed for its ills, locals’ discontent is climbing.
RT @Nitrous: Introducing Nitrous Quickstarts: Define custom one-click development environments inside any Git project.…
Amazing lack of beds in SF for those suffering from mental illness.
I love discovering music through fiction! #cityonfire #television #marqueemoon
@mims @anshublog Dell/EMC deal demotivates VMW to innovate and sell. USA Today actually has it right.

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