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Blog: The scientific community has continuously struggled with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues
Wipe or wash? Do bidets save forest and water resources?
Does the brain use more energy during particular activities?
RT @Laelaps: A friend once asked me "Haven't we found all the dinosaurs already?" Not even close. @sciam @sciamblogs
Menstrual cycle “on a chip” offers a new window into female physiology (By @Dina_Maron)
Researchers are developing "friendlier" robots that could soon help care for the sick and elderly.
Bizarre star dims again, and astronomers scramble to catch it in the act
Glass spheres forged by volcanic lightning offer clues about eruptions
Ideas from quantum mechanics offer fresh hope for more predictive cosmological theories. 🔒
The westward movement of some tree in the eastern U.S. puts plant responses to climate change in a new perspective
Researchers use artificially intelligent bot programs to stimulate collaboration and make people more effective…
What does your college major reveal about your personality?
U.S. government claims a Syrian crematory is hiding mass prisoner killings. Here's what satellite images can tell us
Blog: Can we use science to get people to go against their ideological blinkers?
Some caterpillars do just fine without all the microbes that keep human guts working.
The third-largest dwarf planet in our solar system has its own moon, a new study reveals.
NASA calls for Europa mission instrument ideas
A radical approach against superbugs: learn to live with them
Why does binge drinking often lead to binge eating?
A network in the monkey brain is dedicated exclusively to analyzing social interactions, according to researchers.

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