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@PaulBradish Heck yes, so are we! 😸
@thebanjodan @slpng_giants Thanks so much, Dan, we're taking all the steps needed to make sure we don't appear on their site in the future!
@NotMyGovt @slpng_giants folks who visit Schedulicity. This means users will only see our ads on other sites if the… https://t.co/h4FYzKnSUw
@NotMyGovt @slpng_giants Thanks so much! We're taking all the necessary steps to make sure we don't appear on their… https://t.co/AmVTlYkAQI
@PaulBradish Hey Paul! While we don't currently have any plans to add automated marketing emails, I can definitely… https://t.co/MHnoCtKnsv
@NotMyGovt @saritam @slpng_giants @jerrynettuno Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! We have now take… https://t.co/y8y6LnRvzO
@HippieAdventure @slpng_giants Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! We have now taken the steps to ma… https://t.co/VwMUVZvbka
@acrodriguez @brianjambor While we still don't have an API, please do keep checking in periodically, we're always g… https://t.co/elCrNNlA1g
RT @Chocltegoddess: I love @schedulicity , I can't believe I didn't make the switch sooner
@ShanHairBoston Nope, were not having any outages or troubles on our end, Shan! Please touch base with the support… https://t.co/7lg8PJJwdW
@ShanHairBoston Oh no Shan! We're not having any other reports of an outage, and everything is looking good over he… https://t.co/0eG01yaQ5e
@Editorial_view We can't wait to hear from you! Support@Schedulicity.com if you need it! 😸
@BAFFLEDblog My pleasure! 🙌
@BAFFLEDblog Hey there! From the full site head to the Marketing-Marketplace listing area of your account, and you'… https://t.co/mGVECC8UVu
RT @BAMpilates: When @schedulicity emails you to let you know they're going to integrate with @Square 😭🙌🏻 dreams DO come true!
@DanDoernberg Hey there Dan! Please do reach out to our awesome support team for assistance! They can be reached by… https://t.co/CHH4MOsKCC
@TracyDobesh @slpng_giants @TealFlamingo Yikes! Thanks for letting us know, Tracy! I'll pass this along to the mark… https://t.co/iwcSkSVEtF
@EricGuorui Hey Eric! We were indeed down last night for scheduled maintenance, but came back online at around 1am… https://t.co/3saSMJQBS0
RT @iGiveBombHair: @schedulicity organizes these deals when you book online. What you think of the offers? Each week a different deal. Tha…
@markeneumann Hey Mark! As you noticed, Schedulicity does use cookies to function, but I will pass along your thoug… https://t.co/CZt8k3Tclv

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