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New Blueball blog post on our Sandvox designs update plan & future Sandvox 2 design development.
Moving forward. Where we're at now on our Blueball Sandvox 2 design updates:
information, special offers, and update announcements on all our Blueball Sandvox designs. Thanks & see you there. - Charlie
We have basically closed this twitter account & will not be making any more posts to it. Please go to our @blueballdesign account for news
SIGH... Keep hoping for the best but another Sandvox beta I can't use still. Maybe the next one will work better. :-\ No design updates yet.
Thanks in advance for your patience while we continue to work on the updates for you. Updates wil be emailed out as soon as they are done.
While they work perfectly with Sandvox 1.6.8, Sandvox 2 breaks the majority of them & they will require extensive updates for Sandvox 2.
For those of you using our Blueball Sandvox designs, we highly recommend you not publish a site with Sandvox 2 until we update our designs.
In January we are going to be consolidating our twitter accounts. You can find all Blueball Sandvox news on @blueballdesign after Jan. 15th.
For Sandvox users. New Blueball Sandvox designs Google Group set up. Go here to join:
Our new Blueball Design Tumblr blog for latest Sandvox news on our designs (& plugins 2011?). ;-)
Blueball Design holiday schedule:
Blueball Cyber Monday Sale! 1 day only! Get 25% off everything. Use code: bbcybermonday25
Only little over 7 hours left on the 3-day 50% off all Blueball Sandvox designs sale. Don't miss out!
Answering a few support questions from all the new design bundle owners now. A lot could be answered by looking through the readme files.
I've owned all the Beatles songs for years. Today's Apple announcement was pretty much a "non-event" for me here.
Sandvox gets nice mention on
@michaelq Thanks for the links Michael. I'll see what I can do on this Sandvox layout request for you.
Wow! Thanks for all the support everyone. Looks like our 50% off Blueball Sandvox designs sale is off to a great start this morning.
Check out Blueball 3-Day Sale! All Blueball Sandvox designs are 50% off. Use code: blueballsandvox50sale

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