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18.00 USD

This beautiful plate features insects of the forest. The original antique book plate was salvaged from a basket-case German lexicon and printed by the Biliographisches Institute in Leipzig .

The paper measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches and is in perfect condition and ready to frame.

Your original antique print will be mailed by First Class Mail carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve in a non-bendable mailer.

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16.00 USD

A vintage map that is simple, bold and has a fine-art attitude. We love the colors in this bright and beautiful Popular Map of Colorado issued by Rand McNally in 1947. A generous sized 10 x 13 inches, the map is in its original crisp and clean centerfold and is blank on the reverse side. Perfect to frame. The map has the principle cities and their populations on a sidebar.

Your map will be mailed in a reusable, recyclable (where permitted) acid free archival storage sleeve in an unbendable mailer in its original centerfold.

Maps are very attractive when framed and placed in a home gallery with favorite prints from the Sandmarg collection. Pick maps in a palette of two or three colours to scatter throughout your wall arrangement. Hint: you might try to use mats that come with stock frames and paint the mats if you want to customize the color!

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24.00 USD

This is a centerpiece fold-out page salvaged from a 1916 reference source which shows the planets portrayed as cars, each driven by a chauffeur around the Sun.

The type piece below the print reads: " The sun and his family: the great worlds that travel through space forever. The great worlds that spin round the sun in space travel faster than anything we can conceive, a thousand times faster than an express train. We cannot show them moving, but our artist has represented them as motor-cars to help us to imagine them on their ceaseless flight around the sun."

This striking blue and white print shows the Moon, Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune. Pluto is not represented in this illustration as Pluto was not discovered until 1930.

This print measures 9.5 x 12. There is a crease at the center of the print where it folds and there is a small tear in the crease at the bottom of the fold (0.5 inches approximate) of the white border surrounding the print. The print itself (7.5 x 11 inches approximate) is clear and unaffected. The back of the print is free from print or illustrations. The sandmarg watermark will not appear on the original paper that you will receive.

Shipped in an unbendable mailer, via first class mail, carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve (recyclable where permitted)


11.00 USD

A California trip usually is an event in one`s plan to enjoy every minute from the time of departure until your return. Go the restful, carefree way -- by train -- by Union Pacific ....and arrive fresh as an ocean breeze.

This 1947 Union Pacific Railroad original vintage advertisement is in excellent condition and measures 6.5 x 10 inches.

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20.00 USD

This envelope contains transfer and designs with appliqué and embroidery for 6 potholders, each approximately 6.5 inches in diameter when finished.

The transfers are uncut and unused and in factory folds.

Circa 1940s.

We ship using First Class Mail.

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14.00 USD

Six million cubic feet of water flows over Niagara Falls every minute, undoubtedly offering one of the most spectacular views in North America.

This 1900 black and white view of Niagara Falls, shows the mighty power and beauty of the American side of the falls.

In beautiful condition, this turn of the century print measures 6.5 x 10 inches with a print area of 4.5 x 6.5 inches . The reverse side is black. Perfect to frame.

Ships to you by First Class Mail carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve in a non-bendable mailer.

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14.00 USD

Blackfoot Chief, early 20th century.

The Blackfoot Confederacy or Niitsitapi (meaning "original people") is the collective name of three First Nations governments in Alberta, Canada and one Native American tribe in Montana, United States. There are two tribes in Canada, the Bloods and the Siksika, and the Southern Piegans in Montana.

This regal portrait has beautiful and vivid colors and was carefully salvaged from a 1929 encyclopedia.

The text below the picture reads, in part : The Blackfoot Tribe, possibly so called from the dark leggings they once wore, was of Algonkian stock and was at one time the strongest member of a strong confederacy which ranged over the prairies of the United States and Canada. Now the few who are left are on reservations in Alberta and Montana.

Measuring 6 x 9.5 inches the colors remain bold and bright and the paper is in excellent condition. There is text on the reverse side which does not show through.

Photochrome prints are colorized images produced from black-and-white photographic negatives via the direct photographic transfer of a negative onto lithographic printing plates. The process is properly considered a photographic variant of chromolithography.

Blackfood Chief Portrait will be mailed to you in a non-bendable mailer, by First Class Mail, carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve.

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21.00 USD

Get into the swim of things with this interesting chart from 1901. The montage features seventeen boys demonstrating the different positions used in swimming and diving as well as some ?fancy tricks.? Text below the print explains the art and technique of each movement, each individually numbered for easy reference.

The paper measures 6 x 9.5 inches (approximate) and is in excellent condition. The print area of the paper is 5 x 8 inches. The reverse side has text describing a fleet of boats (which does not show through) Perfect to frame.

A beautiful gift for the swimmer or diver in your life, this original antique paper will be mailed in an unbendable mailer via first class mail.

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18.00 USD

From Bellville Sassoon: a close-fitting boned, lined dress, below mid-knee or floor length with shoulder straps front drape, contrast bodice overlay, raised front waist, bias skirt and back zipper. The long version has a flared skirt with shaped hemline that extends in to a train.

Sizes 14 16 18 fit bust 36 -40 waist 28 -32 and hip 38 -42

Suggested fabric: charmeuse, silk-like crepe and matte jersey.

This pattern is new and uncut and in factory folds. Copyright 2003 and Out of Print.

Your pattern will be mailed by First Class Mail in an acid-free archival sleeve.

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16.00 USD

This is a black and white chart of fifteen different sundials, each numbered and then identified at the bottom of the plate.

The earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are the obelisks (3500 BC) and shadow clocks (1500 BC) from ancient Egyptian astronomy and Babylonian astronomy. The Roman writer Vitruvius lists dials and shadow clocks known at that time. Italian astronomer Giovanni Padovani published a treatise on the sundial in 1570, in which he included instructions for the manufacture and laying out of mural (vertical) and horizontal sundials. They have been commonly used since the 16th century.

The paper measures 7 x 9.5 inches with a a print area of 5 x 7.5 inches. The reverse side has text from Nelson?s 1907 Encyclopedia. The print is in superlative vintage condition without rips, tears or markings.

Alone or in a grouping this very attractive black and white print is visually stunning. There is more to décor than furniture and more to decorating your walls than picking the perfect paint color. Think interesting, unique prints, like this.

Mailed to you by first class mail in a non-bendable mailer.

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