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14.00 USD

Diamonds are a girl?s best friend and if you can?t afford a real one you can at least look at this beautiful photograph of one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. This 1947 print shows the famous Jonker Diamond One, at one time owned by Harry Winston.

The plate measures 8 x 11 inches with a print area of 5 x 7. The reverse side is blank. There is a very slight degree of toning to the very top edge of the paper. The sandmarg watermark does not appear on the original paper.

Below the plate is this text : Colour photograph of Jonker Diamond Number One, which is mounted in a platinum necklace set with baguette diamonds. The stone is the largest emerald-cut diamond in existence with a weight of 125.35 carats and is shown in actual size. It has a magnificent bluish-white colour and is expertly cut to bring out the maximum of its brilliancy and fire. Jonker Diamond Number One is the largest of 12 stones cut from the 726 carat rough Jonker diamond, which was found in 1934 at Elandsfontein Pretoria by Jacobus Jonker, an impoverished South African prospector.

Mailed to you in a non-bendable mailer carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve.

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18.00 USD

This stunning black and white print shows the stars in summer. Among them are Cassiopeia, The Great Bear, The Hunter, The Little Bear, The Dragon, The Swan, They Lyre, The Crown, Hercules, The Eagle, Man with the Serpent, The Scales, The Scorpion and the Archer.

The paper measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches. The reverse side has text from the book that does not show through.

The sandmarg watermark is computer generated and does not appear on the original print.

Map of the Stars in Summer will be mailed by first class mail in a non-bendable mailer, carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve.

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14.99 USD

Absolutely perfect specimens on a perfect plate. 6.5 x 9.5 inches flat and smooth without markings, the paper has a lovely crisp quality, a smooth satiny finish with just a touch of sheen and is printed on both sides. Superlative condition for a beautiful piece of art over ninety years old.

Nine specimens with the egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each on one side and on the other 10 species with the egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each. Each specimen is numbered and there is descriptive text below the plate that corresponds to each number for easy identification.

British butterflies will be shipped to you carefullyhoused in an acid-free archival sleeve in a padded non-bendable mailer by first class mail.

The sandmarg watermark does not appear on the authentic vintage print.

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15.99 USD

As published by the Nouveau Larousse Universal in Paris France, this is a beautiful late 1940's double-sided plate featuring Legumes et Plantes Potageres or vegetables by the esteemed illustrator Adolphe Phillipe Millot.

Measuring a generous 7.5 x 11.5 inches, the paper is slightly glossy and in beautiful condition without rips, tears or markings.

Adolphe Phillipe Millot (1857-1921) was a French natural history illustrator and instructor at the French Museum of Natural History where he specialized in illustrations of animals and plants. His work combines the skills of a designer, the artistic qualities of a painter and the knowledge of a scientist.

One side of the paper featuring vegetables in color and the reverse in black and white.

Most suitable for framing (after you decide which side to difficult!) this lovely print will be mailed to you in an acid-free archival sleeve carefully housed in a non-bendable mailer by first class mail.

The condition of the paper is excellent and the reverse side illustration does not show through to the front.

The sandmarg watermark is computer generated and does not appear on the original antique print.

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10.00 USD

Look who's exposing her "True Colors" in black and white. If you enjoy sleek photographic act with an edgy aesthetic, order this print.

True Colors is the second album by American pop singer Cyndi Lauper, released in 1986. The album produced several hits such as "True Colors", "Change of Heart", and "What's Going On" reached the top twenty of the Billboard Hot 100, with the first two becoming top 5 hits.

Cynthia Ann Stephanie "Cyndi" Lauper is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and LGBT rights activist whose career has spanned over four decades.

This print ad for True Colors measures approximately 8.5 x 11 inches and is printed on glossy paper and is in excellent condition.

Ships to you by First Class Mail.

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11.00 USD

Easily eye-catching, go first-class with this stunning aeronautic print.

A stagecoach and its petticoated passenger are overwhelmed by the vision overhead of a new Junkers JU 52/3M. The corrugated airship, with room for 17, was introduced in 1932 and quickly became the workhouse for Lufthansa, Europe's leading airline. Reverse the paper to see a vintage air travel poster for Sabena, the Belgian airline and their services to the Belgian Congo colony circa 1938 that juxtaposes a camel and a plane to emphasize how the airline linked Belgium to her African possession.

The paper was carefully salvaged from an aviation book printed in 1980. The paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches with print area of 5.5 x 9 inch or Sabena and 6 x 9 inches for Deutsche Lufthansa .

Ships to you by First Class Mail carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve in a non-bendable mailer.

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36.00 USD

A beautiful design from Simonetta, Vogue Couturier Design for an A-line dress with lovely details ~~ a slightly standing neck and front band with concealed zipper closing and center front slit. The full length sleeves are gathered into a wide shaped cuff with zipper closing. The bodice and skirt have waistline tucks at the front and back for figure flattering definition.

Size 12 fits bust 34 waist 25 1/2 and hip 36

Suggested fabrics are: linen, broadcloth, pique, satin, brocade, light and medium weight wool knits, wool jersey, crepe, silk surah, challis, silk and worsted.

This pattern is UNCUT and in factory folds. The envelope has the numbers 2529 written on the right pattern front edge. Pattern date is 1971.

Your pattern will be mailed in a reusable, recyclable (where permitted) plastic storage bag.

About the designer Simonetta (1922) ~~ The daughter of a Roman Duke, Simonetta was the best known Italian postwar fashion designers. An aristocrat, Simonetta had been interned by the Mussolini government for antifascist activities. Her international clientele included Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

11.99 USD

This illustration features a newborn giraffe (camelopardis giraffe) being guarded by its mother at the London Zoo by the British artist Robert Hills.

For the first few weeks, the mother giraffe closely guards her baby, until the pair is ready to join the herd. Eventually the young giraffe is cared for by a group of females.

The artist Robert Hills (1769-1844) was an English painter and etcher and was the founder of the Society of Painters in Watercolour.

The original print was published in the late 18th century. This 1995 cream color, medium weight, acid-free archival paper edition, measures 8.5 x 11 inches The reverse side is blank. Perfect to frame. Create a curated space in your entryway or hallway by framing a collection of vintage prints. Start with this one.

Ships to you by First Class Mail carefully housed in an acid-free archival sleeve in a non-bendable mailer.

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14.99 USD

Do you dare look? This model, as pictured in 1908, shows the classic signs of smallpox ~~ small eruptions that dried up leaving more or less distinct scars.

Prior to 1967 when the World Health Organization began a worldwide campaign of vaccinations to eradicate smallpox, millions had died from widespread epidemics. The last endemic case of smallpox occurred in Somalia in 1977. On May 8, 1980, the World Health Assembly declared the world free of smallpox.

This picture is of a figure of a three dimensional wax moulage or wax model used for teaching purposes.

This page harvested from a long ago medical book measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches with the printed area measuring 4.5 x 5.5 inches. The reverse side is blank.

The sandmarg watermark does not appear on the original print.

Mailed to you in an unbendable mailer by first class mail.

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30.00 USD

This is a brilliant 1970?s maxi skirt from Earle Picard Original in bright red, white and blue geometric print with attached 2.25 inch wide belt with a round 2.5 inches in diameter white plastic slide through buckle. Side and back seams. Elasticized waist for comfort.

The skirt measures 24 inches at the waist unstretched and 40 inches at the hip. Skirt length is 40 inches. Material is not identified but it appears to be an easy-wear and care knit polyester.

Condition is excellent.

Mannequin measurements: waist 26 hip 36.

Shipped to you by First Class Mail.

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