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"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." John Wooden. My Motto for 2012.
Please, stop posting photos of yourself, taken by yourself, in front of your bathroom mirror. Thank you.
Made my first quondong pie today! Looks pretty good, taste test later tonight!
YES! TYPO is now online
addicted to blogs right now!
Zebra mug has magically re appeared!!
Dark Purple Flower on Adjustable Silver by SamanthaKDesign via @Etsy
Handmade Cute Quirky Vintage RockNRoll Jewelery, 40% off all weekend, use code LIKE250 at checkout!! via @Etsy
Antique Gold Skeleton Key and Wing Bracelet by SamanthaKDesign via @Etsy
6 Creepy Halloween Red Back Spider Magnets by SamanthaKDesign via @Etsy
Red Bow Bead on Black Adjustable Cord Bracelet by SamanthaKDesign via @Etsy
anyone like to donate $88 for new perfume?? :P
October is buy nothing new month, head to my etsy store & purchse now before the end of september!!! This month a % of sales goes to UNICEF
Didnt get what u wanted for VDay?Buy something u really want & get 20% off with code LoveYourself20
10% from sales this month will go towards the M.S Australia 24 Hour Mega Swim
supposrt cystic fibrosis and help me raise money for the walkathon
Lots of new items just posted,the next person to make an order gets 5% off with coupon NextSale05
Lots of new items just posted, the next person to make an order gets 5% off with coupon NextSale05
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Hey! I make jewellery which i sell on my etsy store!

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