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Happy Valentines Day ❤ https://t.co/4YFTxluQ7p
We are wishing fellow Oklahoman golfer Kevin Tway good luck at the Farmer's Insurance Open in San Diego. Kevin is... https://t.co/JgUlr8nlbf
Happy Halloween! Check out our new office. :-) https://t.co/OF3Txp1oTM https://t.co/efZZuFnSCX
Stories like this make us smile! We love servicing our patients and helping you with your dental goals.... https://t.co/k6o3DUnkPl
Dr. Rykard's office is Pokemon friendly. During your visit you can catch a variety Pokemon! :-)
Too much citrus can wear away at the tooth enamel, but did you know that eating just one orange each day can... https://t.co/vMFjVBpk9l
Smile! The weekend is here! https://t.co/ZQ0BpGewFj
Tooth decay is the 2nd most common disease in the US. The common cold is first. https://t.co/DZBTZ3epC9
The next time you enjoy a sweet treat, rinse your mouth with water right after. The action does more than just... https://t.co/kjNJFANV0W
Wishing the Father's in our lives a wonderful day! https://t.co/z5wVjCN03V
Keep smiling this weekend! https://t.co/1CT6Tx2c2E
Teeth are not made of the same material as bones. Bones have the ability to heal themselves after a break, but... https://t.co/KpPe0luQUC
You know switching to sugar-free gum is a good choice for preventing cavities, but did you know making the change... https://t.co/bRdleYVZen
TGIF! Have a fun weekend! https://t.co/rChE1Rf4sx
Did you know that teeth contain stem cells? Researchers are using dental stem cells to regrow teeth, and if... https://t.co/hZmJ8MI05W
Can’t seem to floss consistently? It’s really just about remembering. Leave your floss somewhere you won’t miss... https://t.co/FThawjL1S1
Wishing our patient's a wonderful weekend! https://t.co/wAeqeo6e8R
In Mahgarh, a prehistoric farming village located in modern Pakistan, researchers uncovered the bodies of 9... https://t.co/URRNjI3IeS
We honor those who have sacrificed for our country so bravely. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day! https://t.co/tBUpaMw2Kf

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Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS is known for his friendly chairside manner, artistic quality cosmetic dentistry, and dedication to patient health.
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Kevin Rykard DDS
Sedation Dentistry, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Dentures, Porcelain Veneers.