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I read this story maybe a year ago and it's still on the forefront of my mind. The one law I really believe in is... https://t.co/FhsvGhhtnU
Totally! https://t.co/rHIbQLYuaJ
I met Karen Dunbar when I was working at Harmony Ios in the Greek islands. She's a lovely human and she has just... https://t.co/IfM1kA7kKj
Updating my setlist again ready for this weekend in Norway. What song never fails to make you sing along?
What is your unfulfilled passion? Start today :) https://t.co/s4xaACoTak
Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (2011) https://t.co/mp7gWKsx7M
Can everyone is Weston come to Electric Banana tonight please. Thankyou x Doors open at 20:30. https://t.co/K9KHrw0S2L
Pssst..... Tonight at The Electric Banana!! Entry is £4 which includes entry into The Loft Stage times are... https://t.co/NIPx7e36hW
Just got off stage... can't wait to do it all again Tomorrow at The Electric Banana https://t.co/xbdegh6Afx
My friend Karl 'Karl G' Gunton makes music. He makes great music. He been on the radio and everything and here... https://t.co/xQkfbs3m6C
I can't wait to get on that stage tonight with Visions To Kill The Mainstream - VTKTM https://t.co/cY7gjUWZfs
Munich friends!! My band Visions To Kill The Mainstream - VTKTM is coming to play for you in January Tickets are... https://t.co/bFpNelNmoE
This is one of my favourite songs to play from our album 'Beast'. track 12 - 'Lies' Go full screen and turn the... https://t.co/Jj1kBAqAjs
NEXT Saturday my band Visions To Kill The Mainstream - VTKTM will be playing at The Electric Banana We will be... https://t.co/rPnzbOKwO9
You cannot beat a bit of SOAD!! https://t.co/whAQz3CoFO
Bladerunner 2049 was Amazing!! Amazing how they took 1 minute of storyline and stretched it out to 3 hours. The... https://t.co/jkYwM9ZUTM
25 years since this show scared the bloody hell out of me... That bit with Pipes and the little girl ... *shudder https://t.co/xK7PLWbsdB
What you doing this Saturday night? Heckling me at Bonds Weston I hope https://t.co/Q9VC8ORaBA

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