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Amazed, receiving more (~3 times as many) visalian connection invites since having left visalus than I did in the 3 years I was with them.
Interesting: I'm receiving more connection invitations since dropping Visalus than I ever had when I was in... Trendsetter? Me? Why not!
Did anybody miss me? I'm ba-ack... ;-)
Just got free copy of Six Dozen Doughnuts-Put More Money in Your Pocket While Delighting Your Customers by @BobPoole.
I just setup @EzineArticles to tweet my newly published articles:
Welcome to the BbV 90-Day Challenge Helen Haddon-Wyrich!
Anybody had any positive experiences with totallytweetable?
Effectiveness test
Great marketing tool. Uses twitter for huge exposure...
The Scams STOP Here. Right Now.
TICKET CAESAR-Build Your Empire Today! It Cost You $5!!
@hobelluhey8 Broken link - wth?
New! Over $11,000 Worth Of Advertising Included!
Change your life. Look to see how
@dionnapsfwidner Done, thank you.
@tuboflexb Gee, thanks - too bad you missed the part where what I need is a JOB!
Test LinkedIn: seeking conventional hrly job, tech or customer support, inbound phones, or driver (non-CDL) in the Seattle-Everett corridor.
It's Fr*ee, Always, It's Tons of Fun, and It's a Money Maker
@neobux : Any way to contact support regarding issues around registering a new account to replace one that was deactivated (inactive)?
In the running to win a fully restored 1963 VW bus - want in? (US only, sorry): Good luck!

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