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Rubaidh has said goodbye, but @mathie is still here, and loving #RubyOnRails! Have a sneak peek at the new site:
What an awesome decade of Ruby on Rails development it's been, eh? So long, and thanks for all the fish!
I think DNS is telling me it's time to go home and leave it to refresh in peace.
Quiet launch of the new look Rubaidh web site: – what do y'all think? Still (slowly) updating copy over the weekend.
We've just secured the domain. Any suggestion on what we should do with it? I'm thinking a spotlight on the UK community.
We're holding a Windows 7 launch party at the office! Free pizza and beer for all!
We're looking for customer testimonials for our new web site refresh. Have something nice to say about @rubaidh? Let us know!
We've got a little slack in our schedule just now if anybody's looking for an awesome development team on their project? (RT!)
@jaimeiniesta Pull requests are most welcome. :-) We've been meaning to tidy it up for a while...
RT @mathie: Nearing the end of another fun development project. So, who wants #rubaidh's skills next? We should be available from July 1st.
We can officially announce the availability of the (@engineyard hosted) Scotland on Rails conference videos.
@mconnell Your job on Monday is to tweak all of our public/500.html files. :-)
Quickie before we head off for the day. Check out if you use New Relic and have multiple accounts.
Endorse Rubaidh on the Rails Maturity Model and recommend our team on WWR: &
Strangely, nobody suggested a FailWhale! The leading entry so far is the Siamese Fighting Fish. Still time to vote:
Five votes for Piranha on yesterday's survey. Perhaps it would be a useful way to dispose of clients who don't pay their bills on time? ;-)
@polldaddy Please give me access to my account! [POLLDADDY #294412]
It turns out we can't see the answers to the "Other" vote in – if you vote "Other", please leave a comment too!
Poll: What kind of fish should Rubaidh get for its new fish tank?
[google_analytics] Graeme Mathieson - Have Cruise notify us by email on build failures.

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