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@Costco what the fuck is wrong with your Kirkland water. It went from tasting like “Spring Water” to “Tap Water”. C… https://t.co/aXkPgNYpj0
Best Chicken Soup is by Trader’s Joe. No comparison. https://t.co/xoet6VrImR
Eric Trump Tweets Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Ellen DeGeneres - HuffPost. Can someone explain what is… https://t.co/yCOZ79j7Ia
@Apple @AppleMusic. Your search really SUCKS. Really disappointing. https://t.co/ivAnJ4nQSQ
@BoomBeach Keeps on crashing can you fix it.
@BoomBeach When raiding I’m unable to complete as the app crashes & everytime I have to recharge my troops and pay… https://t.co/rp1fL6WYkF
Kayla Moore: 'One of our attorneys is a Jew' - He couldn’t find a white attorney. What kind of bigot is he? Shame o… https://t.co/pyKJfPp0VX
@Microsoft store with silos. #wthinfo https://t.co/MGHGDinuRz
#sfpd finest & a friendly #englishpointer. https://t.co/DeJQnhpc9W
@tim_cook. Get your HR to look at #nsa employees for recruitment. #apple
#iPhoneX is the #vulcanPhone
One million users tricked by fake app - 🤩🤬😴🤮🙀 you buy #Samsung & you are @pawned. Well going. https://t.co/XZxrawWYES
First you Mock #Apple them, & than you Copy #samsung for last 10 years. 😂🕺🏼🤣☺️😊 https://t.co/S3RekCEYyC
#Starbucks in #india https://t.co/N36I8R3w4z
@tim_cook #Apple make deal with #Qualcomm to pick up mobile portfolio & and chip business to #Broadcom
#Apple @tim_cook can I get a chance to test the #iPhoneX I’m leaving for to go out of the country. I can update on the status when back.
Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to robot Sophia https://t.co/Ed02ghqtlm they won’t grant citizenship to Non-Muslim. But 2a Robot, why not.
Tim Cook on iPhone X shortages: 'We’ll see what happens' - Business Insider @tim_cook you had 5yrs to prepare. https://t.co/fJojgNQlaA
Tim Cook assures fans the Mac Mini isn't forgotten - @tim_cook why do we have to remains #Apple? https://t.co/mDJ0c8b2VE

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