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"Pearls before Swine? Not this time!" by @rosiepekar on @LinkedIn
"To Fuss or not to Fuss? Never a question, often a reality!" by @rosiepekar on @LinkedIn
f you are like me then life can be challenging when you are in the 'in between' stage- or that preganant pause when…
"What Matters Most?" by @rosiepekar on @LinkedIn
Rosie Pekar- expert on creating your own luck. For more tips go to about getting lucky. now..
UDIFFER. Intention via Attention.Segment No.3
UDIFFER. Intention via Attention.Segment No.3 via @YouTube
Just before my latest book, "Cracking the Human Code' comes out at the Beijing Book Fair end of this month, I specif… incorrigible in the pursuit of betterment!
Need a start point to get great results. NOW is that start point listen to the UDIFFER series
If you eat once a week you will be hungry and weak. If you get motivated irregularly you will be uninspired.
Some mimic, copy or get caught up in the 'shine' & forgo authenticity which is spectacular and in alignment to dreams. You are an Original!
You have to look forward. You have to begin telling the story of where you are going, not where you've been- Abraham
They said, "Impossible!". I replied, 'I'm possible". You are your greatest assett, don't accept another's limitations.
"Cracking the Human Code" on @LinkedIn
Excited with the latest book 'Cracking the Human Code', for lovers of physics, metaphysics,archaeology all in the mix
Hi all, check out my new Kick But Facebook page:
RT @GottaLaff: RT @TimothyS: BRKG: PorkyPig resigned as Perry's forn polcy advisr| He cd b heard mumbling, "Th-th-that's all folks" as h ...

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A motivator, speaker, author, ex-policewoman & PI, Rosie has beaten all the odds to transform a life of violence, crime & anguish into a life of success.

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