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did you receive my email about the speaking deal in March??@shelisrael
Roots of Africa will be on an extended sabbatical. Thanks.
RT @bbcworld South Africa's African National Congress-ANC unveils its election manifesto at a packed stadium ra..
Oxfam America Receives $1 Million From Gates Foundation to Fight Cholera in Zimbabwe.
RT @MParekh An unusual land rush in Africa:
@reddit_prog yes I have a few contacts. What exactly are you wanting to do?
following new South African party Congress of the People @electionsa
Understanding Ubuntu: a traditional African philosophy. via @oneworldtv
@BrokawIsGone not good at all.
@tracy1314 havent used it...did you check with @ksjhalla
@tracy1314 which one is it?
@KyNamDoan funny thing is coca-cola probably supports Palestine. And whoever else gives them money
New mormon temple in Draper UT includes Central African makore wood pic # 8
@fimbo not sure.. trying to see if I can get in via some media/pr channels. writing a book about Africans and their stories.
looks like there are a number of african balls @ the inauguration. will review all tomorrow and post..
following @inauguration..
@ksjhalla do you have a link? looking online now..
just found African Diaspora Inauguration Ball: & Africa Aspire Inauguration Night:
Researching Africans going to the inauguration for a book I am writing. If you are going, please DM me. thanks

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