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Map TrumpWorld
RT @peterdaou: I know it feels surreal that all this is happening, but spinning on a blue dot in the middle of a vast universe is surreal t…
RT @KimKierkegaard: When the spirit masses within you like a dark cloud, it's nice to have breathable skin
RT @PaulRyanGosling: Hey girl, don't worry about losing the ACA. The GOP plans on replacing it with the best health plan in the world: pray…
@fitbit You guys should set up a leaderboard for how many hours people sleep too
Aw shit ⚡️ “I'm from Texas, and Your "Liberal Bubble" Argument is Ridiculous” by @cmclymer
But I don't wanna say goodbye 😢 thank you for 8 years
This speaks deeply to me
Eerie, like deja vu and a premonition of the future all at once (but not hard to believe history will be kind):
“That’s what I want on my streets. Flowers so big and magnificent, they’ll blow a kid’s mind.” :')
The @NYPL Kindle checkout system is so easy to use and wonderful <3 <3 Just donated out of appreciation
How I feel about icons
RT @nytimes: Russia hacked Republican National Committee but kept the data, U.S. concludes
RT @abedelrey: White people: "I don't see color, I see people. Let's stop making everything about race" Mall of America: *Has a black Santa…
Just got an ad for "Now That's What I Call Music 60" - SIXTY!!!!
Thanks @HamiltonMusical for dropping a mixtape and making 2016 better 🙏🏼
RT @adage: .@Netflix unveils feature for offline binge-watching
What's with this freaky language encoding I got on my Google Analytics, apparently all from Russia?????
It is maddening to try to remove a color from @InVisionApp Craft

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