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@trulyunicorn are you still around? I've just created a group called TrulyUnicorn, would you be willing to transfer your Twitter to me?
RT @AaronCohen777: just because you don't notice all the miracles in life doesn't make them any less miraculous, for their loftiness tra ...
my band is playing the Make-Out Room in San Franciscio this Saturday at 7pm!!! free pair of tickets will randomly be awarded to a retweeter.
which will yield results *quicker*? you looking down the road for the bus, or me trying to use nextbus on the edge network?
@magnetbox welcome to here! missing drinks cuz i'm resting up for oaktown and pacifica. i mean half moon bay. kona club?
bikes look like fun!
who is a favorite artist you're diggin' on right now? #digginart
again, the technique of waiting around doing nothing till it's no longer an issue has paid off!!!
chippy-chip chippers.
I'm an idea man! (but a chick.)
on the run from johnny law. ain't no trip to cleveland. #whatmovieamIwatching
speakers always talk about the fear of failure. when will someone address the fear of success?!?!?!!!
just keep moving forward!
painted quatro *re:send cards* - making a salvaged card new again!
wow, stuff just seems to evaporate once I tell it it's gonna get decluttered!
good to the morning. caramels, then everything in its place. GO!
RT @DJBigApple: Tearn is tweet-to-learn.
RT @Artfire: Basic or pro, all members can have unlimited listings for free on #ArtFire for the holidays!
it's going to be a fun night at the uptown club in #oakland!
i'm going to carolina in my mind... say nice things about me... #musicmonday

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