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#bbusa coming to a television near me in 20 mins.
#ifiwereu I would push away from the dinner table and go for a walk.
#bbusa Lawon = Dumb A__
#bbusa Hope Rachel is sent packing and hope.Dom returns!
"@Lord_Voldemort7: #IfIWereU, and I spelled "You" as "U," I would give up on life." I would get some sunshine on my face.
RT @OdeBodik: Facebook Messenger or talking to someones face? I know hard decision right.
"@ella_andsharks: #imTheTypeOfPerson who will speak to my posters." (the posters on ur wall?)
"@SophieMorton_TW: #imthetypeofperson that lives in there joggers" (bwahahaha)
#imthetypeofperson who likes to live life in the slow lane.
RT @LukeeeFrancisss: You Cheated in your boyfriend/girlfriend.. #wtfwasyouthinking if you dont want to be in a relationship just be sing ...
#wtfwasyouthinking telling me no more coffee at my work station when I start work @ 5am?
#IfIWereU I would find a new hobby. What is #larp anyways?
#IfIWereU I would get ready for Dec 22, 2012
#ImTheTypeOfPerson that loves to hug.
@danieltosh #HowYouGangsta with a hair cut like yours?
RT @AdmireAGrande: RT if you are excited for #ArianaGrandeMusic & you'll buy Ariana's album ♥
@alexisjordan can I be your Avon lady? Then I would have something to talk about at the meetings.
#AVON FREE shipping on $30 order.
Did u know u can buy #AVON online and have it delivered to ur door? Try it u'll like it.

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