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@tomecurran That’s our coach! Maybe someday that confetti will be Honolulu blue and silver.
My wish is for someday to have @BarbasolShave scented candles and car air fresheners. One can dream can’t he?
RT @FakeSportsCentr: BREAKING: Tom Brady’s hand injury was really just a surgical procedure to add another finger for his sixth Super Bowl…
Somewhere @stoney16 is happy right now.
@WrestlingNewsCo I agree with him. As much as it's great to see the previous stars in action, they need to move ah…
@riger1984 Foles - Late 3rd Round Pick - Playing out of his mind in the playoffs. Stafford - 1st pick overall.....…
@ProWrestlingMag Why bother bringing up NXT people? If I was called up I'd decline and stay in Orlando and build m…
@stoney16 That was one of the most amazing Pick 6's I've ever seen. Fly Eagles Fly!
That national anthem gave me chills down my spine it was so good! #NFCChampionshipGame
Joe Buck is on the call. Well I guess I'm going to be falling asleep during the game.
The Patriots do it again. What an amazing dynasty, and a legendary Quarterback.
@gregghenson What I didn’t get is when CNN cut to LA all the women behind the anchor were cheering and having a goo…
@ProWrestlingMag He dumped that truck over, but sure had a hard time picking Cole up.
@ProWrestlingMag Not trying to bash the wrestlers. I guess I expected a more high flying luchador style roster.
@ProWrestlingMag WCW did a lot of wrong things to warrant their demise, but at least their Cruiserweight division w…
@ProWrestlingMag It’s nice to see Cruiserweights stealing Superstar catch phrases now. This division is abysmal.
@DanLeach971 That’s not your sister? She looks too young to be your ma.
@rooprajfox2 You made him run for his choppa. There are worse things I guess.
RIP Beautiful Dolores. Only 46! Unreal, just, unreal.
@gregbradyTO Jungle Love. O e o e o!

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