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Is all the hustle worth it?
The importance of process in #business, and why it isn't up to you by @TurbineHQ
Innovation: How can #brands keep up with unpredictable audiences? @TheDrum
Major #CMO Priority Shift for 2018 Is Audience Centricity | via @BrennerMichael
Social media marketing impacts your organic rankings, but not directly. That's why it takes so much effort and...
Data management for #marketing in the modern world: 6 things agencies need to know by…
Instagrammers are sucking the life and soul out of travel | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Executive Summary: The What, Why & How of an Executive Summary
Now more than ever, Engagement beats Awareness every time on social media.
Take a look at Sprout Social's predictions to see what you can leverage to promote your business in 2018.
Seattle businesses; live, in-person, free marketing help:
Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Avoid Competition and Seize New Growth #business #strategy
@serenadotryan shows us how she changed her life with her inbox being at zero. #entrepreneur
Creative thought has a pattern of its own, brain activity scans reveal
Doing business with EU consumers? Here are the data subject rights they have under the #GDPR (General…
As a business, what you should know about Facebook's latest update to the newsfeed.
Why aren't people buying?!? You're selling a great product or service, what's the problem? Get this free guide; no…
Take your shot or you'll never know.
Know Your Customer: How to Build and Quantify Buyer Personas
If you’re looking to do business in Mexico, read up on everything from meeting with suppliers to negotiating contra…

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