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RT @t3xture_zine: Sorry @TetZoo, we're all in for @LapsusLima. https://t.co/M26PmfjoF9
RT @t3xture_zine: Birds making fish shadow puppets. https://t.co/06DgnCjE8h
RT @t3xture_zine: Birds making shadow puppets. https://t.co/U27Q3pV2ku
RT @KevinLindamood: "Just Housing." "Housing Justice." However you choose to remember it, join these Baltimore leaders in voting "yes" for…
RT @t3xture_zine: the ratio between employee compensation to gross domestic product in the U.S. is the lowest in history.
RT @klaustoon: #obsessivedraughtsmen (LXVI): Erik Desmazières: Etchings for Borges' 'Library of Babel' (II) https://t.co/79uwfwpCBh https:/…
RT @t3xture_zine: Listening to the Lapsus Lima podcast and sketching. https://t.co/MJVPGk4EAn https://t.co/qXhj7wIjn8
RT @t3xture_zine: Newest podcast from Lapsus Lima: Sullivan: A Philosophy of Man's Powers. https://t.co/6LznyIEoJr https://t.co/1IHYE2MXd9
RT @t3xture_zine: Submissions are in for T3XTURE Issue #3: Pattern. Thank you for your interest. https://t.co/Z2qKxud5Vu
RT @RedPaintHill: https://t.co/WgZj1DYAkW
RT @RedPaintHill: The results of our 2016 Bryant-Lisembee Book Prize are in! Many thanks to judge, Elizabeth Onusko, who chose the winning…
As a supporter of @t3xture_zine, we are pleased to support the @LapsusLima Pocast. You should listen and join.
RT @drbillthomas: The #DisruptDementia cast leads the #Pittsburgh community in song as we set our intentions for change. https://t.co/WiR6L…
@t3xture_zine @Patreon @LapsusLima Excellent podcast!
https://t.co/apRsYaPCJo #thebmorecreatives #BMoreKitchen https://t.co/2M0KZF9mPy
RT @DaniNierenberg: Every time you buy local produce/meat, you are directly supporting the health of your farmer, economy & community! http…
https://t.co/c3AouSdInr https://t.co/gL40Ntb10S
RT @BmoreKitchen: Part of our equipment library, all shiny and new! Are you ready to become a member? Drop us a… https://t.co/E0Qd0ZigiB
Congratulations!!! https://t.co/AHe1iW5RgN
Thanks to the soldiers and EMT who helped with mom's injury at Funck's Restaurant in Annvile today!

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