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I've been reading @nntaleb lately. Makes me think a larger portion of reading time should be spent on classics instead of current events.
@cm_richards @dhh @nntaleb Experience counts. Explanation isn't the only kind of knowledge. Consider virginity.
@cm_richards @dhh @nntaleb Dennett is a materialist. You won't learn much about consciousness from someone who thinks it doesn't exist.
@cm_richards @dhh @nntaleb One example may clarify: Explain the taste of honey or put the spoon in your mouth. There are limits :)
"There are secrets to our world that only practice can reveal, and no opinion or analysis will ever capture in full." - @nntaleb
Cool how Khan Academy was just the beginning of a new wave. This linear algebra series by @3Blue1Brown is fantastic: https://t.co/moNRcMDrVs
@nealsales Sorry I moved the story to a diff URL and this one's broken now. Learning how publications work :) https://t.co/zlsMGhMFnc
New post: The Ramp Down To Real. Using patterns and a #JTBD technique to structure a design and cut feature bloat. https://t.co/lH6nxcmulR
@pascient Awesome. Check out the case study in the appendix of Nature of Order, Book Two if you haven't yet.
@pascient Could be. I gave a talk on "Notes on the Synthesis of Form" at the SVA in NYC and often recommend his other books too.
Strongly recommend Domain-Driven Design to designers who have a little coding sense to acquire a feeling for DSLs: https://t.co/eOoZciRkbo
The less coherent a product design is, the more you have to speak in its mechanics. "Click the Expand button, then Lists, then Subscribers."
The more coherent a product design is, the more you can speak in its language (like a DSL). "Send a participant update from the tour page."
Programmers already have a clear notion of per-project pattern languages: they're called DSLs. Designers can learn a lot from DDD & DSLs.
The hard part of naming things in code isn't coming up with a name, it's coming up with the things that need to be given a name.
@mattloseke That's not the method I use but I appreciate the sentiment :)
Two must-watch videos of @bmoesta if you're interested in Jobs To Be Done: https://t.co/JkqbcYgA1f https://t.co/xXJuZSZKdy
Friends and followers: Do you have a minute to tell me what you want to learn? I've got a couple questions for you: https://t.co/rsJiO425p9
RT @AlexOsterwalder: Interesting proposition by @kotl @ #GPDF16 to boost entrepreneurship: we need more Masters of Business Creation (MBCs)…
Despite being cryptic, I love the style of the modules on the OP-1: https://t.co/fZc0eH6LuB https://t.co/GYSeIH7RtT

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