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@LindseyPelas So I just stumbled on dog_rates and I know I am seriously late, but... has Tosh been rated?
#NowPlaying @electrofanatik and it's his birthday too! #Techno https://t.co/9ZwDDs1gTK
@electrofanatik Happy Birthday my friend. Keep up the great music! Best wishes!
@BaronDestructo Best news I've heard today. SWEET!
@ValiantComics @PhoenixComicon You guys always have the nicest booths. :)
RT @Carl_Cox: Not long now til @KFuturFestival... can you spot me in the crowd?! https://t.co/gxR4PsNctv
#NowPlaying - https://t.co/66RbZPdLUJ #drumcodelive - Damn good set Amelie! @AmelieLens
@VampyBitme Ahhhhhh! Take my Soul, I need my Heart.... Wait...
@Wersching :(
RIP Chris Cornell. Fell on Black Days - https://t.co/mT8bCTyIJL https://t.co/lWF9fxkAI7
@SSSuccubus FB is the worst, seriously, the.worst.
@colinismyname One of the best things to happen to me in the past year was deleting my facebook account. (The other was leaving a toxic job)
Music is Time Travel. Try it, go listen to a playlist of songs from 10yrs ago. Boom. Right back there.
I spent this weekend watching Season 2 of #Sense8. Another amazing season, such an important show with great messages. Thank you @sense8
RT @RJPushPlay: Todays #NowPlaying for getting some servers and some code going. - https://t.co/9ceJ0TwLdG #Techno @RondoGlobal
Nobody likes an egomaniac, except more than half this country I guess...
@chhristinaa @Paerish Right??? Def has that 90s feel to it. Great band. Keep it up guys!
@h3h3productions There's a huge opportunity for companies like @netflix to pick up a talent like you and just do a weekly show. *hint hint*
I had an idea, then I forgot it. My life summed up in 1 sentence.
@Alythuh the games people play, leave artists to be artists! (IMO)

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