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Waiting for server to come back online ...
I don't always dislike my Spotify playlists, but when I do is 1 hour into a 12 hours flight.
Now I see videos from users I am not even subscribed to.
How can @YouTube fail so much at creating a simple subscriptions page? Selecting and ordering some videos is database 101.
orrrrrr ....
I wonder how many dongles I'll need with the new MacBook "Pro" #macbook2016
@ianlandsman well now you frightened me! why do you think that?
RT @realDonaldTrump: This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!
RT @AlexValdez73: Don't forget to set your clocks back 60 years tonight
Wait ...... what?!
@ioanavoicu #thingsuglypeoplesay
This is proof that Apple doesn't care about VIM users. #appleevent
@DanHarper7 Apple TV is so good it has a TV in it's TV
#appleevent reading quotes edition. 5/7
Wait, Apple removed the headphone jack and now the escape key, yet the caps lock is still there. #capslockconspiracy
@ioanavoicu in vino veritas #cusyoulovelatin
@ioanavoicu alcohol

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