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64F - 18C with blue sky and sun in Riga Latvia today - NOW - WOW !
Please enjoy the photos of Christmas in Riga Latvia - Home of the First Christmas Tree (tm) https://t.co/8Tntblq8Fu … Merry Christmas
First Documented use of a tree symbol & traditional fir branches in Christmas celebration was in Riga Latvia 1510 https://t.co/A6VTjYcBAM
Finland has Santa Claus and Riga has it's own legend the birthplace of the Home of @firstchristmas Christmas Tree.… https://t.co/vKlTqw2gX7
@HigginbothamAt @majCompany sorry for delay as I have been ill for a couple of months.
As the "Head Rooster of Riga" I encourage you to enjoy this wonderful video Historic Old Riga founded year 1201 https://t.co/0ovjBdoYxa
Myopic, nationalist views on multiple language use is exactly why Latvia's economy struggling & incomes are so low - this is NOT treason !
Latvia's language law is Out of date for modern Social Media world. Posts in multiple.languages is a real benefit https://t.co/9CElPxsC9v
@nswahidah I recommend @Viabox. @Borderlinx has just lost my first and ONLY inbound shipment to/in their warehouse last week
@Borderlinx Dayton USA hub has LOST my inbound package. @ViaBox - is much better. https://t.co/QBl98F5os9
I CAN NOT vote tor Ms Clinton as it is against my principles and values. https://t.co/f1awKDRwRz
Trump chickens out #chickenTrump #feelthebern. The Riga Rooster is crowing for this event. https://t.co/EtH8A4vNnX
Drones are fast becoming a camera of choice for taking tourism photos and videos. Things to consider before ordering https://t.co/ExWG4OMZ6k
1992 Interview California Drought Water Management - Mike Johnson: http://t.co/CW9c4lQjE3 via @YouTube
@VDombrovskis zīme, ka Latvijas nodokļu sistēma nav ilgtspējīga, pat - riskants @Rigas_pils @Brivibas36 http://t.co/QTx72QBu5M
признак того, что латвийская налоговая система является неустойчивой #Latvia #Latvian http://t.co/QTx72QBu5M
a sign that the #Latvian tax system is unsustainable - translated from Russian language http://t.co/NLLxobNp4R - the #Latvia success story
@VDombrovskis Gan Bei #VID tax fraud scheme - Another example of #Latvia Success Story? http://t.co/lcW0fEBhmC - http://t.co/Rn7k1Rvsr8
Who is "right" #Latvia 2014 forest exports increases by 10.3% - vs - Al jazeera Special report Latvia's forests - http://t.co/VtoFpdc908
@EM_gov_lv @Rigas_pils @LatviaInstitute #Latvija Steps& tactics to prepare a tourism development plan for #Latvia - http://t.co/tRSPUMVKwv

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