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RT @ObamaMalik: Surely. What's this?
RT @PhilCooke: 10 Worst Countries for Christians in 2017:
RT @AmyMek: #SheInspiresMe Ex-Muslim woman who fled S. Arabia for Canada pleads with Canadian audience 2 see 👉🏻 M-103 is the first step t…
RT @SandraTXAS: #InternationalWomensDay More women fly F16s in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia #ADayWithoutAWoman #MAGA https://…
RT @zlando: I find it ironic, being from #Israel, that the Media is claiming #FakeNews when they have been repeating Palestinian propaganda…
RT @wendytreat: I beat myself up for my weaknesses, but I never find God joining in. He does not join in beating me up; He always joins in…
RT @somejustguy: @ACLU still pretending the constitution applies to illegals?
Praying for Trump's Victory.. Excited to see the country corruption removed. #ElectionNight
RT @AdvertisingLaw: A Millennials' Guide to the Clintons | LifeZette #millennials
RT @CounterMoonbat: Brutal. This map shows how much Obamacare premiums are going up in every state.
RT @nathanlino: Young pastor - anyone unwilling to pick up trash or clean toilets/diapers is unqualified to preach/teach/make decisions. Tr…
RT @FoxNews: Trump: "My admin. will immediately pursue the following 6 measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion i…
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Microsoft Goes WYSIWYG To Broaden The Appeal Of Windows Phone 8 App Development | TechCrunch
Nokia 1020 Lowlight shots..
The new Nexus 7 is an amazing machine. Most likely the best Android tablet ever released. To see if ...
If you missed it yesterday, like I did because of N4 difficulties, you can watch it in full here!
Nokia announces the affordable Lumia 625, sporting a massive 4.7-inch display and 4G | Windows Phone Central

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