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Vote for Dr. and Mrs. D.N. Luciani Foundation in Music City Guitar Tour #2013GuitarTour via @timleeperroof Canadian Online Discount Pharmacy
Praying for everyone involved in Ft. Hood today. What a terrible tragedy.
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Thank God, Ling and Lee have been safely released!! 140 days... what courage and faith.
Don't make money the guiding principle 4 what u have/do; rather,simplify ur life & return 2 Spirit by finding the inherent value n evrythg.
welcome @provpastor to twitter... here's to living our purpose... look forward to reading your tweets!
Had the most incredible, life-altering, transforming, amazing day ever yesterday. Still reeling in disbelief.
Trying to make sense of things that aren't made to be made sense of.
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what is your draw to reading autobiographies?
@marleematlin where can I find your book tour dates?
RT @marleematlin To be authentic, have to be everything you are omitting nothing. Within everyone there is light/shadow,good/evil love/hate
Be the change you want to see in the world.
I realized something tonight. We never know when someone is hurting & won't tell us, let's all remember to ask our friends & really mean it.
Counting my blessings. Praying for others.
@thinkBIG_blog LOL... that's a fact.
Watching CNN coverage of MJackson funeral... Wondering how the face of music will change.
How often do we ignore the pain someone else is in because we are too busy to stop and listen? Too often. Wish we could all change that.

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