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Concealed Lighting!
anyone hear any good interior design news lately?
hope everyone had an amazing xmas! are you ready for 2009?!
@mizwoody thanks for the warning tho!
@mizwoody ya sorry about that. we try and take it off as fast as we can. they keep coming at us!
“If Detroit loses that many jobs, it will be a total disaster!”
what are your favorite interior design books that you gather inspiration from?
@charise like a shop whom makes custom cabinets for example
@wendyannh @Virtu_Interiors @candimandi thanks for your reply!
Interior Designers: What helps you decide or stops you from working with a custom shop?
Museum of Nature:
Interior Designers: Do you prefer cabinet makers deal with you, your client, or both of you?
know any interior design fans? tweet them to add me!
Celebrity Baby Rooms!
Why are you interested in interior design? Discuss your interests here:
@TSMaryal so cute! thanks for the find :)
The Ten Commandments of Interior Design
@ABartelby wow what a great find. thank you!

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