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RT @zaibatsu: It’s Time to Destroy Corporate Personhood
The only thing the insurers are insuring is their pockets getin stuffed. With Urs & mines hard earned money. Shame on Greedy lying bastards.
Yes, greedy "tards want to be elected. I not sure about integrity & methods of destruption used by miserable pukes bumbing us 4 r hard rnd$
We are getting tired of paying for the miserable no good 'tards bumbing us for money they already have. Sorry,but this Rant is on FIRE !
We should not have to pay for the dead beats who have been scrooin us for years. Shame on the dead beats. Rant all week now.
When the gov stops screwing us we may pay,just like they do sitting on their fat flabby butts threatening. Doing nothing good all day.
Do we really have to be forced to pay for greedy low life do nothings except complain about diddley squat ? Rant on FIRE !
RT @pbpost: 40-year-old mom with kidney disease becomes NFL cheerleader
RT @AnnTran_: We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. ― Stephen King The best you can get.
RT @Loyalty360: It's All About the Product - #lmktg #LoyaltyManagement
Whatever happemed to government for the people ?
Who is talking for you ? Your true interests ? Noy many as I thought . Hard to do too !
Find the path to great health @ Yes, I'm back ! For now !
RT @LoriMoreno: Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. ~ Marianne Williamson
Missed the Word cup action,too busy. I be back in the groove soon as it gets cold out. I just 2 ousidzee ! Huh.
I thought the highway trust fund had plenty of bucks ? What do they do with that kinda money ? I be back. I just did !
I be back @

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