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Major flaw in Android phones would let hackers in with just a text: http://t.co/WEALxKWzqC
What not to buy on Black Friday. http://t.co/MFT55Xo82i
"Plastc" is like Apple Pay card with e-ink touch screen: http://t.co/ScRr4FP7hH Courtesy: Fox News
@amandabynes Yep, ignore the tabloids. Be happy.
Self-healing plastic mimics blood http://t.co/grf8iOmlGl
FTC Warns Small Business: Don’t Open Emails With This Subject Line: By Gabrielle Karol/ Published April 09, 2... http://t.co/oFqxwrbO9O
Homestretch for windows XP: I know a lot of you aren't going to want to face this, but you have to.  The end o... http://t.co/MXcSR6VieA
New iOS 7 features you probably don't know about: Whenever there is an iOS update people tend to focus more on... http://t.co/PlCBrs6BYb
Watching cable or satellite in other room: So many times I've been sitting in my living room watching TV and a... http://t.co/vnKfYDHRXN
Watching TV in another room: http://t.co/b2v8rm0xep
New device, called the Ophone will be able to email scents. http://t.co/2ZtMEgTFm7
Don't want to add another cable box for a second TV? Check this product out: http://t.co/TWj3IzlWS1
Google's $35 Chromecast gizmo connects every TV in your house. http://t.co/qIud5ykvN7
New Invisibility cloak creates holes in time. http://t.co/0XVynURPl2
Yahoo to buy Tumblr: http://t.co/o5EWjgu6Vg
FBI virus http://t.co/yXbYy1jb6W
Mobile hotspot http://t.co/UuTaHpGhwe
Mobile wifi hotspot http://t.co/rSyQWZnk4N
Removing Viruses and Malware from your Windows PC http://t.co/vvfVMSgZaQ
Ffor you golf enthusiasts http://t.co/IROMSEciba

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