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This is the exact example of what I term as half truths. It is not a fake news which can be easily dismissed. A... https://t.co/tZbcEa7fwv
Communication is changing. With new channels ways to express views are changing. So are the usage and abuses of... https://t.co/sK764C2FWl
@skipiit Interested
Hmmmm https://t.co/KoL9nWHpMx
Enforcing 'Don't block the intersection' traffic rule could give great relief in bangalore.
Give a 2 day cooling period to all breaking news. 98% gets resolved by then.
We are ashamed if we can not speak fluent English. That's true. We should be proud of who we are, and knowing one... https://t.co/YtbVnjLrlc
Can personally vouch for Subramanyam Great company to work for. They are doing something big and you should join. https://t.co/ZuQeFjBL14
And it did not rain yesterday. Yes, India lost the match. But, that was not what it is all about. I took Hrishi... https://t.co/p2ZYBUdo9n
Hopefully, it does not rain today.
Humbled to get all the messages and emails on my talk. I was not sure if this will be useful for entrepreneurs.... https://t.co/oVjaQh7DJM
I just published “How Amazon Prime is the next evolution of Loyalty Programs?” https://t.co/HN3LxIsnH7
attending TechSparks 2017
A case-study on Amazon Prime, and loyalty programs. "While as a generation, we crave for instant gratification,... https://t.co/BLZ9rEH67O
traveling to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport from Kempegowda International Airport Lounge, Bengaluru https://t.co/chAt232QwC
Picturesque Pattaya!
Apple without Jobs. They need someone like him to reach a trillion USD valuation.

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