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Texas Laws That Affect Homeowner Associations and Their Residents http://t.co/yTIk9X4m
I am asking each of you to read their project and vote for their team, once, every day til 3/2. http://t.co/1zi7BV3t
My grandkids are members of a lego league. Their time was spent developing a food safety project. Read about it here - http://t.co/1zi7BV3t
Watched Andrea Bocelli sing all the latin Xmas hymns that I was raised with. Wonderful.
Making home made soup from leftover dark meat (no one eats it). Can't believe I have to go to store for broth. Sheesh
Went to Black Friday last night. CRAZZZZZZy
Cooked yesterday, took food to friends too sick to get out. just cut up carcass and gave the girls a real treat
Are These People On Your HOA Board? http://t.co/qdk6kkh2
HOA President Heading To Trial http://t.co/O1zsipLV
Federal and State Sex Offender Lists http://t.co/ogXa0dI9
Amen - http://t.co/bZGTIYkJ
For Listeria victims, sudden turns for the worse - Yahoo! News http://t.co/1QdyTXxI via @YahooNews
Several new PubMed abstracts for cholangiocarcinoma - http://t.co/tusPCJsv
@Xena76 I have been a rare cancer advocate since 1998. In that time, you are the third person I've met with sertoli leydig
@Melysa828880 I am very sorry for your loss. I am a rare cancer survivor, but know that sometimes these cancers are hardest on the family.
Check this video out -- My Amputee Diary. http://t.co/7vsBdzs8 via @youtube
Check this video out -- High school student Shane Leonard fights rare cancer - adenoid cystic carcinoma http://t.co/M6Pauph3 via @youtube
Check this video out -- "FDA announces possible link between breast implants, rare cancer " http://t.co/vgQLM2i4 via @youtube
Check this video out -- Panc MD - Pancreatic Cancer and Nutrition http://t.co/IvOawj5v via @youtube
Check this video out -- Sarcoma, A glimpse at a rare cancer http://t.co/b6ZbfALy via @youtube

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