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anyone know where i can get some ostrichs or emu's?
@Samara_Iodice - very nice blog u wrote on www.lynda.com about Rancho Ojai. TY and cu soon :-)
@CarolineAONeill like your bio - we think alike !
RT @CarolineAONeill: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" take a look at what you wear to meetings & is your offic ...
Rancho Ojai, pigs, and live action… Oh, My!: http://bit.ly/cfJMTX via @addthis
RT @PXLpainter: Creative Financing ideas for independents, entrepreneurs and small businesses when the banks may fail us: http://bit.ly/ ...
TY Samara @lyndadotcom for sharing about Rancho Ojai in the blog yesterday. Awesome company that makes the world smart!
Photography students at Rancho Ojai today !
Thank you to www.lynda.com for choosing www.ranchoojai.net for their filming needs !
launched Discover how it's made to inspire student learning - having a lot of fun doing plant tours with students
just had ojai calif. earthquake. mild & about 60 seconds?
who likes to color easter eggs? i have not done in a gazillion years and maybe it's time
RT @petiapw: I am not a perfectionist. I don’t want to DO everything perfectly. I just want things to BE perfect. #fb
Donate your used PC to a needy family - don't toss it. email me for details. Making America stronger with PC's in every home.
Want to enjoy ranch life but don't want to own a ranch? Ojai CA is the place for timeshare ranch life
RT @timeshare2010: thank u for RT. building ranch timeshares in Ojai, California
Own part of an Ojai CA ranch for a small investment w/out the hassle of managing it. Fractional real estate is how we do it-like a timeshare
Love ranch life but need to live in the city? Own part of a ranch like a timeshare. Looking4 five more families2 enjoy this 233 acre ranch
The bee lady, Nicole, is bringing bees to the ranch to make Ojai, CA honey
Donate your used PC to a needy family or nonprofit - don't toss it. email me for details. Making America stronger with PC's in every home

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Entrepreneur/marketing strategist.Live4 generating new ideas & strategies. Ranch gal owner who loves city life too. Early riser 4 sunrise,coffee & thinking

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