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RT @NineDaves: YOU GUYS! When @ramonasinger said that she was recently asked in an interview if she would marry again, THAT WAS ME. #RHONY…
Get ready for tomorrow #reunion part 1 @sonjatmorgan and #rhony @ Lower East Side https://t.co/NY4SofBvGv
Waiting for Wednesday #reunion @Bravotv @BravoAndy https://t.co/FUNWR3X2bc
Till Wednesday #reunion @ Lower Manhattan https://t.co/5LMs483unA
It's Friday @ Southampton, New York https://t.co/YWMLITvoAi
End of Season 9. Finished my press yesterday for now. Thank you to my @bravotv publicist… https://t.co/coKuOWg24A
@PageSix I do press for the show @BravoRHONYC tonight is the finale😀
Getting ready to go live on @PageSix facebook! Tune in to https://t.co/hjyhNP3Bi6 and send your questions.
RT @BacheloretteABC: Retweet to congratulate the happy couple! 🌹💍🌹 #TheBachelerotteFinale
#NYC on a gloomy rainy Monday https://t.co/DuRdshE50q
Hope everyone had a great weekend😎
@addmorevodka @feelthepiece I am if you don't like me don't follow me
The spelling police and the grammar police really need to get a life. This is social media. Not writing a novel. Auto correct 🖐
I have no secrets. I do cook. And I love to cook. I also spelt piece correctly. It's @feelthepiece sportswear line.
@shahdelani @Bethenny Me too thanks !
@rideshore is the best way to get around in the Hamptons. Can't wait for my rosé cruise! https://t.co/q4C7zztsft
rideshore is the best way to get around in the Hampton's Can't wait for my rose' cruise from… https://t.co/dqwXoGqXBn
@CountessLuann I am so sad for you ....
All good tonight #Rhony 😀 https://t.co/Ms6cnNj0Yl
Happy Monday 💕 https://t.co/I9fFZhP9vW

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Wife to Mario, Mom to Avery (& Coco!), Fashion Industry Veteran, Skin Care Creator, HSN Jewelry Creator & Ramona Pinot Grigio Creator

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