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What the unexpected consequences of a #DWI? Learn more here: http://t.co/xbWs4BQpdi
Jim Black has experience in a variety of alcohol-related and other criminal charges, including DWI, license...
"Booze It and Lose It" campaign nets 690 #DWI arrests across the state. #DriveSafe Read more: http://t.co/IsLiTOawME
Are you facing a #DWI charge? Know your #rights. Read more on how we can help: http://t.co/f8H2IIVrcE
Learn more about the #penalties a #DWI can cause you: http://t.co/IEzwjH7QOX
Know your #rights: You are #protected from unreasonable search and seizure 🔦 Learn more about what this means here: http://t.co/Hs30y9UM
How can an #attorney help you lower #sentencing? Find out here: http://t.co/cEJjNFVM
When is a #warrant not needed to search? Get our #legal advice to this question here: http://t.co/AdXmMXst
Learn of the three facts about #license #suspension you should know here: http://t.co/gOHqjSAe
Learn about #underage drinking #dangers, here: http://t.co/srHx61p6
You will never see these coming! Three unexpected #DWI consequences: http://t.co/00KLoQxV
Three things you need to know about #military #recruitment and #DWI: http://t.co/5uSCUyhX
Before you submit a #breathalyzer, can you talk to an #attorney? Get our #legal #advice to this question here: http://t.co/xm0P6W15
A new bill subject to pass in North Carolina will increase penalties for drivers convicted of DUI Manslaughter. Read more here:...
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How can witnesses help with #DWI defense? Find out our answer to this question here: http://t.co/pW45SdlA
Before you submit to a #breathalyzer, can you talk to an attorney? Find out our answer to this question here:http://t.co/LOhSliE4
The #DWI checkpoints all around town are working. Get more details about the new initiative here:http://t.co/CK91VBDK
Check out the #map for the location of all #crimes happening around #Raleigh here: http://t.co/D8pYgq9C
A Greensboro coach has been charged with cocaine distribution and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for drugs. Get more details about the in

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Raleigh DWI lawyer, Jim Black, takes pride in helping people who have been charged with a DWI or other alcohol related-offense in the state of North Carolina.
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The Law Office of Jim Black

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