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RT @20committee: As a Federal prosecutor, Schiff sent a crooked FBI agent who was spying for the Kremlin to the slammer. It shows. https:/…
RT @RepAdamSchiff: BREAKING: Chairman just cancelled open Intelligence Committee hearing with Clapper, Brennan and Yates in attempt to chok…
Fewer than 15 countries on earth are individually big enough to train high-value consumer-facing AIs on their own https://t.co/RfdmIJF6oM
.@OpDeathEatersUS J Edgar Hoover would be proud of the FBI's extra-legal political power last year
RT @OpDeathEatersUS: "Comey said that the investigation began in late July" but he didn't tell us 'cuz "interference"? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?
RT @20committee: The last Kremlin-connected president elected with secret KGB assistance was named Allende. Somebody should tell Trump how…
RT @roybahat: You know some people have a passive-income-side-hustle-lifestyle-business thing? Universal basic income is one of those, fo…
facebook is just doing what M$ successfully did in the 90s https://t.co/u7TOsHLjmq
RT @JoyAnnReid: Seriously, what kind of person wakes up in the morning thinking, let's cut Meals on Wheels! And Sesame Street!!? Unreal. #T…
@semil onshoring. I did that in Orlando once or twice.
RT @20committee: Almost 0900 on a Saturday and not a single Trump tweet. After last weekend, I was expecting some nuclear launch codes, at…
@michaelperry same reason we can't pool healthcare
I need to start flying into Oakland or something. Yet another #groundstop at SFO now finally ending.
@BenedictEvans @peterpham I'm saying it's just fine for founders to keep decks quiet and track ed. Courtesy to them.
@peterpham @BenedictEvans such a VC "seeking free information from founder hard work" remark
@lyst re ivankas booming rev, have any unusual int'l channels suddenly sprouted up? Indo picking up a dozen containers would be interesting
@JGut we don't deserve any credit. I agree that it should be nationalized.
@tolles we have one. #donkey
Let's say it out loud: individuals are lousy at healthcare decisions. Pushing decision making down to individuals kills ppl #Obamacare #aca
@michaelperry https://t.co/kY1fxWjFUq

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