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It will soon be time for us to wind down Radar. Visit http://blog.radar.net/ to see how to transfer your Radar photos to @Shutterfly.
Today we have some big news about Radar's recent acquisition and the upcoming wind-down of the service. http://blog.radar.net
@hollimom Thanks! Great to see a three-exclamation-point recommendation this early in the day :)
RT @poisson: We're looking for someone with strong DHTML, CSS, AJAX (and MVC, JSP, Tiles, jQuery) skills for a 3-4 week gig. Know anyone?
RT @bnpositive: We Support Peter http://radar.net/c/iffV (our thoughts out to him tomorrow)
Light sabers being used by the U.S. Army. If anyone sees this, you know where to post the picture: http://bit.ly/DZWVw
Phone Fingers. Reducing smudges while helping you be 'that guy.' http://bit.ly/1Qj55N
Let's see what you've got, iPhoners. http://bit.ly/XoJ9G
Most of them are probably blurry concert photos. http://bit.ly/7ByS2
A Radar user shares images from Ground Zero on Sept 11 - http://radar.net/people/superchud (browse to see all - chilling)
RT @adambassador: If you're in #indy & want a @radarnet button/sticker, follow me at http://lo.ly/w6k and let me know. 5 buttons/12 stickers
A real Lego house. http://bit.ly/t2aj5
RT @bnpositive: New on EveryJoe - - Using Radar to Share Photos and Video http://bit.ly/c59TK -- (Great writeup! Thanks again.)
@bnpositive Radar's flickr integration lets you not only interact with flickr posts, but upload/edit your own. http://radar.net/help/flickr/
@jenNjuice84 you know it! (Thanks for the shoutout ;)
@mrmatthew bit more info on TechTalk earlier as well: http://radar.net/c/gL7V
@abbydog3 Welcome! Let us know if you need any pointers.
'sall good. Thanks for your patience guys.
Hang tight, everyone. Radar will be unavailable while we take care of an issue real quick (ninjas!).
@Sleepercurve When's the album being released?

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I'm Skyler (skyrog) from RADAR.NET; helping you share pictures and videos on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook from any web-enabled phone in the world.

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