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alas Quotably is still dead, but I thought some of you might be interested in a new project I launched: http://www.thisweknow.org/ </spam>
FYI all- the cause of Quotably only getting a portion of tweets is we're not among those still getting the feed: http://bit.ly/26Bgam
Quotably search is now powered by Summize.com. You get the great results summize offers combined with threads from http://quotably.com
NEW FEATURE from Quotably.com: http://quotably.com/popular See what's being talked about on Twitter in realtime.
Sorry for all the trouble with quotably.com over the past 24hrs. We hit some scaling walls. things should be much better now- and improving
There's a new Quotably feature that's ready to be beta tested. Just sent DMs to those that replied last time. @quotably if you want in also.
Scratch the Direct Message idea, forgot how those work (d'oh!) New plan: just @reply and I'll DM you when the time comes. sorry about that!
Interested in beta testing new Quotably.com features? Direct Message @quotably with an email address and we'll be in touch.
Things have stabilized with the Twitter link at http://quotably.com - Let us know if you continue to see problems. Thanks, and sorry again!
Sorry for all the lost tweets! the twitter link's been very unreliable. things are now more robust on our end which should help.
Widespread EC2 outage has taken down Quotably. It'll be back up as soon as they restore service. Sorry all!
Quotably's automated threading got some updates last night. We're using the data from you all fixing threading to improve the algorithm.
Request for comments: How do you want quotably RSS feeds to work? Should they include the whole thread? single tweet? reply with ideas.
Huge thank you to @al3x at Twitter for getting Quotably setup with a XMPP feed of tweets. Soon the missing tweet issue should be no more!
Sorry for the issues with missing tweets. It has to do with the connection with Twitter. Working on a solution.
Major new Quotably.com feature: You can now post and reply to tweets directly from the site. More info: http://tinyurl.com/2rvntf
New Quotably.com Feature: Now you can see the conversations of everyone you follow in one place. ie. http://quotably.com/btucker/following
Thanks to @browning for a very nice firefox plugin for Quotably.com: http://browning.tumblr.com/post/29945383
New Quotably.com Feature: now you can help fix tweets that become incorrectly threaded. Tweets have little orange "fix threading" links.

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