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#Amazon cuts publishers out , “Publishers r terrified & don’t know wht 2 do” - ths must rlly come at sum surprise... http://t.co/fH6Nvy07
First Amazon Took Down Booksellers....Are Publishers Next? http://tcrn.ch/gVxzLN by @sarahcuda
Advice for publishers: "Turn your readers into members. Not visitors, not subscribers; you want members." http://bit.ly/gph9Om
WSJ: Stephen King - Why E-Books aren't scary (just a catchy headline without any reference in the interview...) http://bit.ly/aTZaLU #ebooks
@Ari978 @maggiegogler @30stmchick Glad you're enjoying www.quillp.com - thanks for the tweet!
Book piracy about to arrive on a massive scale while publishers are still bickerung about pricing, Amazon, and Wiley http://bit.ly/cchcMq
Independent: E-books - the end of the word as we know it: is the publishing industry doomed? http://bit.ly/djmoXr (via @PublishingSpy)
Künstlerisches Schaffen ist kein profitables Geschäftsmodell - oder warum das Internet nicht an allem schuld ist http://bit.ly/dAjD5s
Salon: Publishers' crazy e-book prices http://bit.ly/brwMFb #ebooks #pricing
"Natürlich geht es dem Buch gut. Alle Abgesänge sind umsonst. Das hört man nun seit Jahren. Dann wird es schon stimmen" http://bit.ly/9nh4tC
"All artists should have a fallback plan – it's been true since the days of cave paintings" http://bit.ly/9vyFUs great piece by @doctorow
RT @agaw: Kids want to read books on digital devices, and would read more frequently if they could obtain #ebooks http://bit.ly/bUEVnr
Weltbild-Chef Halff: 40% Rückgang der Buchverkaufsflächen in nächsten 5 Jahren; Verlage verhindern Wachstum von E-Books http://bit.ly/d8t6pn
BITKOM-Umfrage: 80% der jungen Deutschen wollen E-Books kaufen, keine gedruckten Bücher mehr in 20 Jahren (20%) http://bit.ly/bUy0Cm
WSJ: Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books http://bit.ly/a6afET #ebooks #publishing
E-Book-Innovation #Libroid: Von Autor selbst entwickelt und finanziert - sagt viel über den Zustand der Buchbranche aus http://bit.ly/9dC9Ss
Weltbild bringt E-Reader für unter 100 Euro http://bit.ly/aDgqq3 #ebooks
Future of the book: interesting concepts for the digital #book by @IDEO http://vimeo.com/15142335 (via @feebeyer) #books
PWC: "die deutsche Buchbranche droht, die Digitalisierung zu verschlafen" http://bit.ly/dyDqNJ #ebooks #publishing
Economist: "If e-books make readers feel less isolated perhaps they are not serving their purpose" http://bit.ly/cXnKP0 #ebooks

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