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Would somebody PLEASE tell the #ESPN2 on-air crew that they have mics so they will stop screeching and yelling? #Gators
@BrerTaylor Will do!
@BrerTaylor Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I really appreciate it. Will be trying these soon. I'm with you on buttermilk.
@BrerTaylor You're welcome! You have a link you'd be willing to share?
@BrerTaylor So purdy
@BrerTaylor Thanks for letting us tag along. It was fun! Safe travels.
RT @BeautyConcierge: Heads up JAX ... @WholeFoods in Jacksonville has body care sale! #body #healthy #wholefoodsmarket #jax #skin https://t…
Are you kidding me? #ProjectRunway
I am confused. So what are Michael and Margarita's issues? Jealousy? Latent irritation? #ProjectRunway
Here it comes ........ #ProjectRunway
Take that, Heidi. #ProjectRunway
Did Kentaro pleat silk?!? #ProjectRunway
Michael, Michael. That look. #ProjectRunway
@DeborahPavek Nope, not me, sorry. #ProjectRunway
I wish Kenya had made a sleeveless shell to top that skirt. #ProjectRunway
RT @xingcat: I always love to see the non-models being pampered in the makeup/hair studios. #ProjectRunway @ProjectRunway
@justmediaworks So Margarita just doesn't want to let it go.
Does Claire's top still look like a Margarita knockoff though? She changed it up, right? #ProjectRunway
"Not as hideous as I expected." okay, then. #ProjectRunway
Awww, adopted and included at the holiday table. #ProjectRunway

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