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@CBSPhilly THANKS back from next commercial with captions.
@CBSPhilly watching Ransom and captions are gone. Came back from commercial without them. FIOS and FIOS app both.
This error is priceless! Like courtroom stenos, #closedcaptioning depends on sound. News just captioned "inauguration" as "nauseous racial."
@MSNBC closed captions are on now, 11 minutes into the show. Thank you.
@msnbc -- rerun of Rachel Maddow's show doesn't have the closed captions turned on. It did when it was live. #closedcaptions #caption
Want to boycott Trump? There's an app for that via @nbcnews
“Was The Russian Ambassador to Turkey today’s Arch Duke Ferdinand?” by Tobias Stone
“History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump” by Tobias Stone
RT @France4Hillary: #YesSheCan still be our President. #ElectoralCollege, are you ready to do your duty for America? #VoteHillary, the peop…
Ban governance by twitter #Trump
@TheLastWord I think Trump was looming because he doesn't hear as well as he used to. Explains a lot of other stuff, too.
#paagdebate I'm totally undecided now. I want to like Shapiro, but he's sounding more like a legislator than a prosecutor..
I'm seeing that Shapiro may be a terrific Commissioner, but doesn't have the perspective of a prosecuter #paagdebate
RT @MarleeMatlin: Exclusive for @playbill My Open Letter to the Broadway community and beyond. Please RT! via play…
RT @InDesign: Never judge a book by its cover. Or, should you? One book cover designer explores the idea: https://t…
#HappyNewYear -- I posted two years in review today.
RT @Lydia_Callis: Mac Kung Fu: Apple's #deaf sales associates and how two customers had an amazing shopping experience…
@CapitalOne360 more info: friend gave me old iPad and that worked to give me deposit. Trouble is with iPod Touch.
@CapitalOne360 hi this is 3rd time this year app won't let me deposit. Quits while taking pic of back. Old link to image upload no good now
A Model of Marginalization via @wordpressdotcom

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