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@DorindaMedley Making it nice! Lol
@StacyBurke Sounds like you need a new roommate!
@ChannonRose Within I think 3 weeks? Sore boobs etc..:)
@F1abraham Do not understand those texts who is Paula ?
@BryeAshley What was the red pill about?
@AmberLPortwood You are beautiful my goal weight:)
@DorindaMedley I make a great house guest!!
RT @DorindaMedley: Heading up to Blue Stone Manor! What do you guys have planned this weekend?
@AmberLPortwood Loving your hair
@DorindaMedley I would love to be your friend! I make a great house guest lol :)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/7Cv96Z4TBq Vegan Ice Cream | Macadamia Milk Base + Grilled Banana & Chocolate
My match on Tinder lol #fml #winner #tinderfail #tindernightmares #amiright #lol #whyiamsingle #yup https://t.co/IM74mibTys
@ChannonRose Austin!!
@PinkSoFoxy I think it looks great! Congrats!
Follow me on Snapchat! #snapcode #followme #socialmedia #snapcode https://t.co/ZAPWgA0u4f
@AliGriffin711 @mattbEPT I am 46 and obsessed with teen mom lol 😁👍😻
@NikkiPhillippi Thought you were older lol happy bday
@DorindaMedley Ship it to me! Lol
@BryeAshley What's going on?
@united unless you over book then what? 😂

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Clothing line owner, style blogger, working to make it happen! Pls check out my website www.puregoddessuniversity.com!

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