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Don't use cheap chargers or cables for anything, period. It's a big risk, from Destroying your device to burning... https://t.co/ltP9USxhM0
Getting new gadgets for loved ones? Confused? Let us help you clear the fog of technology! Any tech questions or problems, we fix em!
Happy Friday all! If you have any tech issues let us know! We can pick up and drop off your patient, or do the... https://t.co/Xm1doxaccK
Happy Saturday fellow Facebook friends! We are here all day if you need anything technical fixed! On site service... https://t.co/pbCwGsY7G8
Happy chilly Thursday Pueblo! If you are having any technical issues let us know. We come to you so you don't... https://t.co/xDaufuZ98t
Hello fans! I am going to attempt to get back into the Fix it business. For now it will be listed to drop off... https://t.co/lM4cDJRQLp
Hello all! After a brief break for health reasons, we are once again offering a limited number of services. For... https://t.co/fAgWpRQ7dP
Dyou use Evernote? Well, they are the most recent hack victim. More info is here, please read and act.... http://t.co/hEJObTnobc
App Store.png http://t.co/duKcosoQ
Oracle released new security updates for Java 7 to fix critical vulnerabilities. Update now, or get pwned later:... http://t.co/Q4c81vyk
Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on cable TV at 3 a.m. is a scam... http://t.co/iLeA9Vgx
ATTENTION: You need to update java to protect yourself, the easiest way is to run this app I have linked. Key for... http://t.co/VOxime6C
When Life Gives You Questions, Google has Answers
Hilariously Geeky Gamer’s Valentine’s Day Card [Pic] - http://t.co/Zbtygx3i
Google Maps 8-bit for NES - http://t.co/0AQbTpuu
Investigators Search For Pueblo Arsonist - http://t.co/dhGWENF1
FBI releases psychological profile of suspect in Jessica Ridgeway kidnapping http://t.co/EfjdiDiW
RT @CBS4Tim: Tip line: 303-658-4336 #JusticeForJessica Put it on a scrap of paper in your wallet. Program it in your phone. Just in case.
Test your IPv6. - http://t.co/4YB78MX2

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Dedicated to solving any computer problem. Virus removal, Remote Support worldwide, Networking. Questions welcome!

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